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Iíve used some of the so called best server companies out there like nuclear fallout and velocity but those servers donít even compare to detox. Detox is by far the best server Iíve used, me and my team all agree that this server gives you the best bang for your buck. There customer service is also second to none!

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I have been a customer with detoxservers since day one. They have far exceeded all my expectations. There customer service is my favorite part. When i have a problem they respond fast and are very knowledgible. I have tried all the so called best hosts but they don't measure up to detoxservers.

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When registering or ordering service from this company you the "Customer" are required to keep up to date with changes in our policy and service guidelines. It is your responsibly to read our terms of service completely. If you do not understand any part of our terms please contact us for clarification.

****Terms Defined:

  • "Customer" A person or group purchasing or about to purchase service.
  • "Game Server" A single application process hosted on a single internet server over the internet for entertainment and/or recreational purposes.
  • "Company" The site and/or services of Detox Game Services LLC
  1. Responsibility Guidelines
    1. Company Responsibilities - We are responsible for the maintenance and uptime of our network and hardware. We will provide the Customer low ping times based on geographic location of your server hosting, 24 hours server management and/or ftp access to modify server files and configurations, and 24 hour technical support access. We do not monitor game servers themselves only the hardware and network they are hosted from. We are obligated to provide you with fast efficient support for your hosted game application. We monitor all game server systems to ensure all systems running game server applications stay up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and monitor over 24 different areas of system processes in real time to eliminate hardware overload issues.
    2. Customer Responsibilities - You are responsible for the upkeep of your server. Including but not limited to adding mods, maps, game play related files and server configuration modifications. If your server is down you are required to notify us as soon as possible via a support ticket found on our web site to make sure your game server is back online. We do not monitor game servers on an individual basis, however our server management system will restart servers if they crash and gives you control to remotely restart your game server in the event, it freezes or you make configuration changes that require a restart. We want to help limit the amount of downtime you may experience due to server crashes etc. You must insure that your server abides by our term of service at all times.
    3. Paying for service - All payments are due before service is rendered. A service month is the length of that particular month; if you have paid for service for 3 months then you have approximately 90 days of service. Service payments are expected on or before your next bill date. If you no longer require service we require you to send us a support ticket with your Name, Server IP, and Password. Requests to discontinue service must be entered no later then 7 days before your next payment date to avoid additional service charges. There are no refunds for unused service or on balances in our accounting system. Account credit balances can be used for current or new service at anytime.
    4. Password and Public Game Servers - If you ordered a password protected game server there are a few additional requirements you must follow. Your server may not be shared by more then 2 clans. You may not loan your server to any other clans, unless it's a clan you are having a match with. Your server password may not be advertised to the general public but may be posted in order to notify your clan members the proper password. Server passwords may not be posted in the server name. Our password protected game servers (Private Server) are designed for clan use only and are not intending to be used as a public game server. Servers found without a password set will be charged as a public game hosting customer for the current billing month.
      Public servers can have no password set and may freely changed from password protected to public at your command.
    5. Player Limits - To provide everyone with a value dedicated game server there are limits on the number of players based on the service you applied for. Our system loads are partially based on the number of player slots that are allocated per box. If you adjust your player limit higher can cause additional lag and performance issues for not only your server but others hosted on the same system. While we do not monitor our game server applications on a daily basis we do reserve the right to inspect any game server to insure they are not exceeding the current max player limit allowed for that account. Violations can result in immediate termination of service without refund. If your server is found with more players set then for the service you signed with your server will be charged for those additional players.
    6. Restricted Files, Mods, Plugins, etc. - We reserve the right to remove, alter, or deny some files that cause performance related problems with your server or any other server that may be directly affected by such files. Restricted plugins currently include ping boosters or ping accelerators installed on our game server systems. BOTS or any type of artificial players are not allowed in ANY server without the express permission of Detox Game Services LLC and will be removed. Failure to comply may be grounds for removing your server without a refund. This is due to the constraints of resource usage of our systems.
    7. Order Setup Times - 95% of orders are activated within 1 to 8 hours of payment confirmation. Based on order volume and space some orders may take longer then others. This allows us time to bring online new hardware or make network adjustments to accommodate new order activations. You may request a refund if your order is not activated within 72 hours of payment. We will not issue any refunds on new orders unless the activation has not occurred within 72 hours.
    8. Game Server Software Liability - Detox Game Services LLC is not responsible for limitations within some games limiting password protection, file modification, FTP access restrictions, or any other design control that is not allowed by some game server software. All issues with software design must be handled via the proper developer web site. Your responsibility to contact us about any important questions you have about your game server prior to purchase if you feel there are limitations that are important to you. Detox Game Services LLC' hosting fees are to cover space, bandwidth expense and our staff costs. Detox Game Services LLC' hosting fees do not cover the game itself or how it operates outside of the standard game setup.
    9. Abusive or Offensive Language. - Abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated on the forums, support tickets or otherwise by you on Detox Game Services LLC or with Company staff. Any violation of this policy will result in a suspension of site access or such other action as may be reasonably required by the Company to ensure compliance. In addition, you are not entitled to make untrue and/or malicious and/or damaging comments with regard to the Company's operation in any media or forum.
  2. FTP Access Guidelines
    1. Server Files - FTP access is not to be used to run a file site or for file storing. All users of our service are responsible for their files and content of their servers. Game Server installs come as a basic setup. Additional files and add-ons must be applied by the customer. Anytime you make changes to your files please test those changes on your local computer system first. Please change your files with care. We are not responsible for the files in your game server directories after your game server account is activated. We strictly forbid storing of porn, warez, or other unnecessary/Illegal files on the game server FTPs.
    2. File Space Limits - There is a 4GB file limit per server for maps, mods, plugins, sounds etc. We reserve the right to delete information from your game install if your directory size goes over 4GB including the game install and log files.
    3. Data Security and Backups - You are solely responsible for any and all backups of your data. Detox Game Services LLC may not be held accountable for any loss of data due to hardware or software failure. Detox Game Services LLC highly recommends keeping backup copies of files, configurations, mods and other important files on your local computer.
  3. Payments and Paying for Service
    1. Payment Processing - All payments are processed through PayPal. Your bank statement will show payment to "DETOXGAMESER".
    2. Payment Forms Accepted - We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, and Cashiers Check or Money Order.
    3. Payment via Credit Card - When paying via Credit Card all service dues will be auto deducted via your credit card until you cancel service. If you have a negative balance on your account those charges will be deducted via credit card for that unpaid amount. We will continue to charge you for service until you cancel. All billing is reoccurring based on the terms of service you specified upon sign-up. We reserve the right to debt your credit card at anytime for any payments that are due.
    4. Payment Terms - A billing month is based on approximately a 30-day period. All service payments must be made before service is rendered. Payment for service beyond your first payment must be made on or before you next billing date. If at any time you have questions about when your next bill is due you may e-mail or submit a support ticket to the staff of this site.
    5. Service Changes - You may change, upgrade or downgrade your service at anytime. Additional fees may apply for service upgrades if you are upgrading service in the middle of your current billing cycle. There are no prorated service credits for service downgrades.
    6. Canceling Service - You may cancel your service at anytime. In order to cancel service we require you to cancel via a submitted support ticket with your Name, Server IP, and Password, no later then 7 days before your next billing period to avoid additional service charges. Upon canceling your service will continue until your current billing period ends. Any uncollected balances must be paid when you cancel. There are no refunds on prepayments for service or for balances and/or account credits that are managed for customer accounts. All funds paid to Detox Game Services LLC are non-refundable and can only be used towards service.
      All collections for unpaid balance are sent to a collection agency for collection on said account. No cancellations will be accepted or treated as an official response to cancel via email or support ticket. We will assume you want to continue service until you cancel your account. There are no refunds on unused service.
    7. Canceling Dedicated Boxes - When you sign for a dedicated server you are signing a contract to keep the server for 2 months or more. To cancel a dedicated server you would go to the account management page and put in a cancel request. Dedicated boxes/servers require 30 day notice to cancel. You need to notify us via our support ticket system no later the 30 days before your billing cycle in order to put in your intent to cancel the box.
    8. PayPal Subscription Service - When you pay for your service via the PayPal Option you have a choice of subscription or clicking for one time PayPal Payment. PayPal Subscription is not required to keep activate in order to have an account. Once you cancel service with us it is your responsibility to cancel the PayPal Subscription Service.
  4. Service Level Agreements and Refund Policies
    1. Refund Policy - You are eligible for a refund if we do not maintain 95% network uptime based on a 30 day period over the system your service is hosted on or we are unable to correct or fix service related issues that are a result of no fault of your own within 14 days you are then eligible for a prorated refund less a $40.00 early termination fee to cover setup costs. While your ping times will be more then enjoyable on our service we will not issue refunds that are due to ping issues with you or your server members. Since there are so many ways to travel on the internet it would be impossible for anyone to guarantee internet ping times. We do our best to host your game server on the best bandwidth quality as possible.
    2. Service Credits - We will credit your account if your server is down for a period of time of more then 8 hours in any given day due to hardware or network issues. Credits will be determined by our staff at the time of the issue and will be credited directly to your online account once the issue is resolved. Service credits may not be paid in cash, or refunded to credit cards.
  5. Promotional Terms and Special Offers
    1. Promotional and Special offers are treated as exceptions to other parts of our terms of service. Promotional and Special offers may have limited term guidelines.
    2. Special Pricing - Discounted or promotion rates at signup are valid until the customer cancels or fails to pay for service. A reconnection charge of $25.00 is required to reactivate an account that was canceled or suspended under a special or discounted promotion to retain the promotional/special pricing. To be subject to new lower pricing changes without reordering we have a one time $39.00 fee to take advantage of new lower pricing.
  6. Dedicated Server/Boxes Terms (Exceptions From Above Terms)
    1. a. Canceling Service - Dedicated Servers require a 30 day notice to cancel. Cancellations must be handled via the account management section of our web site. If an account is canceled before the 30 day notice a $150.00 early termination fee applies.
    2. b. Dedicated Server Setup Times - Average setup time for dedicated servers is 1-3 business days. That setup time frame is not guaranteed. You may request a refund on dedicated servers if your server is not activated within 10 business days.
    3. c. Software liability and customer responsibilities - Dedicated servers are self managed products unless otherwise noted. We include some basic software services but do not provide any guarantee over software other then the operating system that is first installed. You are responsible to keep your server up to date with service patches, free from virus infestations, etc. In the event a system becomes unusable you are responsible for any additional remote hands charges to get that system back to an operating state.
    4. d. Refund Policy - Your are eligible for a refund if we do not maintain 95% network uptime over the course of a 30 day billing cycle. This does not apply to the availably of the hardware it's self. You are eligible for a refund if your account is not activated within 10 business days. Business days are Monday Thru Friday not including major holidays. Setup Fees are non-refundable.
  7. Additional Terms
    1. a. Pricing Subject to Change - Prices are subject to change with little or no notice at anytime. In order to be subject to new lower pricing your much cancel your current account and reorder under new pricing.
    2. b. Upgrades and Patches - We will patch your server as needed by the game designers at no charge to you. Extra patching such as beta patches has a $5 Charge for each beta patch. Game Servers are setup with the base install according to the game type ordered. The price you pay when signing for service will remain in effect until you cancel.
    3. c. Failure to Comply - Failure to comply with all current and future Terms of Service Agreements can result in termination of your account and/or service interruption. We reserve the right to discontinue your service if a server if we find your server is in violation of our Terms of Service, until the account holder insures us his/her game server does comply to our Terms of Service. If service termination is in order your service can be terminated without refund. If you have questions about our TOS please send an e-mail to


All information pertaining or relating to services, support or agreements between the company and the client sent via email, support ticket or otherwise stated is confidential information between the company and the customer or respective parties unless otherwise noted. It is strictly prohibited to exchange, post, email, or transmit in any form without written consent of the company or company legal parties. Violating the Information Exchange Wavier policy will be governed by Federal and Missouri state laws.