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Dual AMD Opteron 2.6GHz
10k RPM SAS Backup HD
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I have been a customer with detoxservers since day one. They have far exceeded all my expectations. There customer service is my favorite part. When i have a problem they respond fast and are very knowledgible. I have tried all the so called best hosts but they don't measure up to detoxservers.

niNja ---
Within 2 hours of the release of Insurgency mod I had my Detox server up and running smoothly. The server, which filled up very fast, did not give me any choke at all. It was, as advertised, a 500 FPS server and it consistently stayed within that FPS range regardless of the number of people in the server. I was very impressed with my Detox server, not only were they one of the first server companies to have Insurgency mod, they were, and are extremely dedicated to customer service.

flatout\\JustiN-_^ ---
We're BACK and with specials!
Posted by Johny on January 15th 2012

DetoxServers has reopened its doors to the gaming community! We’ve lowered our prices to better suit these hard economic times (just check the ad specials right above this post!). We’re also offering a new variety of servers including “Cube 2” and “Urban Terror”. Switch to us from your current provider, and you’ll receive the same server but will be paying 20% less, forever. Contact us to order a game server which is not listed on our order page.